Products and Services

Glover Memorials

Since 2005 Glover Memorials in Lower Hutt has offered Sands families the opportunity to remember their precious baby or babies through a small plaque that is made and sent out free of charge. This is a way of supporting the community and a way of acknowledging our babies' little lives. See the 'Community Care' page on the Glover Memorial website for more info.

My Angel

Created by a Sands mum in 2011, My Angel specialises in Cremation or Keepsake Jewellery. This is a great way to keep your baby's memory close to your heart - it is not only beautiful but has so much meaning for the wearer! Treasured memories will remain close to your heart forever. My Angel offers a discount to Sands members.

Huggable Hearts

Huggable Hearts is a FREE service that provides grieving families who have lost a baby with a fabric heart made to their angels birth weight.

Ashes Boxes

Glen Withers is a very talented carpenter who owns and operates Fidds Workshop, a small business in Ashurst. Glen lovingly creates beautiful wooden ashes boxes and has offered to provide these free of charge to parents bereaved from 1st March 2021. Email with your child's name and date of birth, stating whether you require blue or pink ribbon, together with your name and address for posting. This will be posted at no cost to families.