The 2015-2017 Sands New Zealand Board members are listed below.
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Joan Curle

Hello, my name is Joan Curle and my son Andrew brought me to Sands 23 years ago. I have been actively involved with Sands Wellington-Hutt Valley since then, and have done my best to support parents, and help them in the creation of memories with their babies. I introduced the Moses Basket program into Wellington Hospital 22 years ago in order to support health professionals, and to assist parents to actively parent. My vision for the future of Sands NZ is to bring all Sands groups together, so that we can share knowledge and support each other, while bringing awareness to the public around what it is we do in Sands.

Jackie Plimmer

Hi, I am Jackie. I am part of Sands Canterbury. I have been on the Sands NZ board for a number of years now. In 2015 I was honored with a Life Membership

Sam Joyce

Hi I am Sam and I am the secretary of Sands New Zealand. I have 2 living children and the loss of my daughter Emily is the reason I am involved in Sands. I am the coordinator of Sands Timaru and Districts.

Janet Williams

Hi, I am Janet. I am part of Sands Waikato and have been the treasurer of Sands NZ for the past 10 years for which I received the honor of a Life Membership in 2015.

Kathryn McMillan

National Funding Coordinator
I live in Tauranga and am a self employed Interior Architect, in addition to looking after our girls Ada and Lucy. My twins, Blake and Corin were born alive at 22 weeks 3 days. I have been Treasurer and Secretary for Sands Bay of Plenty for a few years and am now looking forward to fulfilling my role as Funding Coordinator for Sands NZ.


Amie Whenuaroa

Training & Resources Coordinator
Hi, I am Amie. I have been a part of Sands Waikato since my loved baby Noelle passed away. I look forward to fulfilling my role as Training and Resource Coordinator and being there for all the Sands Groups nationwide.

Kay Daley

Group Liaison Coordinator
I have been a midwife for over 15 years and I understand that pregnancy and birthing is a significant part of a woman's life. I also understand how devastating a loss is, at any gestation. I lost my son at 35 weeks gestation and am the current chairperson for Sands Bay of Plenty.

Denise Coy

Website & IT Coordinator
In my life outside of Sands I work in web and IT therefore this role was a natural one for me to take. I joined Sands after the loss of my daughter in November 2010 at 20 weeks gestation. I am also the coordinator of Sands Bay of Plenty.

Sarah Field

Social Media Moderator
I am Sarah Field. My daughter Lilly brought me to Sands in 2013. Lilly was stillborn at almost 20 weeks. I am part of Sands Wellington-Hutt Valley. I am the social media contact point. My profile name on Facebook is Sarah Alice.

Rebekah Gray

Research Liaison Coordinator
I have been with Sands Wellington-Hutt Valley since 2012. I have mostly been involved in support groups and helping out wherever I can. Our first son Nicholas died 36 hours after birth in 2008 due to Severe Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. I am the Research Liaison Coordinator. This means I want to disseminate any and all relevant research to our Sands groups.


Frank Rolfe

Male Perspective Coordinator
I am Shirley's husband and have been supporting my wife or actively involved with Sands New Zealand over the same period of time.

Shirley Rolfe

Board Member
Our baby Eli was stillborn 4th September 1994 and shortly after wards started sands Gisborne after attending the first New Zealand Conference and have been on the board over the years alongside my husband Frank.